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   Shelly Gupta, World Renowned Astrologer
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Shelly Gupta is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, Vastu / Fengshui expert, numerologist, an Astro / tarot card reader and deals in other various Occult Sciences. She is naturally Gifted with Spiritual Intuition and Insight and since child hood she had been blessed with sixth sense and intuitional powers. All her life she has helped people with Psychic guidance And love for Humanity.

She experience the force of the spiritual energy flow that needs to be expressed, and with no negative interference she is able to make a reading, outlining a person's attributes and characteristics and giving some insight into their life path.

Also, she is an expert in dream and mole interpretations. She has worked with many people through-out her life understanding their dreams & sub conscious mind. She has given people the Insight to the answers of all electrical mind waves and pictures of their Dreams.

She is commonly known as a ‘remedy master ‘who with her vast experience assimilates best of all these science to draw solutions to the problem of masses. Her expertise is to do “Vastu corrections without Demolitions”


Earlier she had been studying and professionally practicing these alternated sciences in Hong Kong & Malaysia now she has been practicing in India since 1998 , wherever she visits the premises of her clients and instantly gets the feel of the place and she feels the energies of the same whether it is positive or negative or super natural, and then accordingly she suggests her remedies, which is the assimilation of all the astro sciences.

She has her own way of dealing with personal problem of masses like relationship, health and education etc., where she checks the aura of the person, their horoscope, face reading and also does their tarot, and by all such assimilation she guides them successfully to achieve their goals. This is really a unique method with she adopts to help her clients.


Due to her being very successful in her remedies and a through command of the subject , she is been associated with many TV channels especially the News channels of Star News, India TV, Janmath, IBN7, Aaj Tak , Sahara Samay and FM Radio. She had earlier been constantly aired for 3 years on Religious Channels. Apart from writing for various dailies and News Papers, she is currently writing for TOI’s What’s Hot.

She is a celeb name for various Seminars and Talk shows to share her views / experience & expertise. She is also been featured in International Program. She was also been recently invited to Dubai by a reality magnet to share her expertise/ consultation for a township.

Currently, she has also been approached by a known Sports Channel for their regular Cricket Shows but due to her Commitment with Star News, her decision on this is still awaited. Apart from this, she is also about to sign a Contract with a famous coloniser as their Brand Ambassador for their recently launched township.


Currently she is been featured in Star News Daily Prestigious Program ‘Teen Deviyaan’ aired thrice a day ( since 2006). She gives daily predictions with Numerology and suggest remedies with Fengshui . It’s the most popular astro program aired now-a-days.

she is an expert in Numerology and is consultant to various Politicians and Bollywood celebrities. She suggests name change, lucky dates and predictions very accurately. She has very recently developed software and through her other assimilations she provides daily/Monthly/Yearly, Numerological predictions and address analysis which the clients comments as fully accurate.


She is MA in psychology & practicing these alternative science since last 15 years, Whenever she could take time from her Hectic Schedule, she gets involved in Vocal music & Salsa as she has done “Prabhakar” from Bhatkande. Sometimes, she also likes cooking and has a deep interest in reading mythology & historical books.

She comes from a Industrialist family therefore the monetary gains has never been her priority as she is know for generosity wherein she does her free consultancy and remedies for many of her clients, and she donates regularly to many under privileged and Blind School etc.

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