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(Division of Jobrown Overseas India Pvt.Ltd.)
In collaboration with REA Consultancy(U.K.) Ltd

About Us
Jobrown Advance Management Consultants provides services to multinational firms who plan to establish themselves in India. We also provide human resource solutions to various companies across the globe.

Our Customers:
We will continue to serve our growing number of customers in multiple industries by providing them with forward thinking solutions to their business challenges. Our intention is to create long term partnerships and assist client organizations with the development and realization of long term success.

Our Associates:
Our staff is comprised of highly qualified individuals with proven expertise and practical experience. All our associates share pride in our company and dedication to its goals. We recognize that our success as an organization is due to their collective effort and we will continue to support their development.

Our Industry:
As a leading provider of consulting, training and assessment services, we accept the responsibility to deliver optimum levels of quality in our competency areas. We will continually strive to represent our trade in an ambitious, passionate and creative way etching a benchmark within our industry.

The following values represent the context for our corporate culture. It is understood that we all believe and abide by these core values and translate them into our daily behaviors.

  • Thoughtful

  • Respectful

  • Considerate

  • Contemplative

  • Conscientious

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