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Director's Message

Airhostess Training is one of the most popular / exciting career option among youngsters these days as it opens excellent opportunities to work in the neat environment and go around the world while making decent living with least qualification. Achieving this aspiration is no more a dream as it requires proper grooming and right type of training on the aircraft. To meet the growing demand for airhostess course, Indian Academy of Brand Ambassadors (IABA) has officially started the airhostess training center in New Delhi. IABA is the only institute in the world that provides Airhostess training on the real Air bus A-300.

Mr. B. C. Gupta

It is one of the rarest and unique opportunity to airhostess trainees to have first hand experience on the aircraft apart from knowledge and training they need to have while working as an airhostess. They will be fully trained about in-flight service in the airbus passenger cabin so that they know how they have to function while being on duty as an airhostess. An airhostess is perceived to be face of an airline as it is their service to passengers in normal or emergency situations that makes a mark on the psyche of the passengers. Therefore training in the real aircraft will make students well versed with their duties and the equipments they have to use when they need to know them. IABA uses airbus A-300 for teaching and training students in passenger cabin and cockpit that provides an excellent environment for training IABA offers a certificate of Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality. IABA will have expert faculty from aviation sector and will also engage guest faculty from the Airlines.

IABA is one of its kinds as it emphasizes not only on grooming but also on technical training which is an integral part of an airhostess job. Since passenger service is only a secondary job of an airhostess, the primary job is the safety of the aircraft and its passengers, IABA gives special attention to technical aspect of the training. For this task airhostess needs to be technically trained by the best experts in the field. The training provided in the stationed aircraft like door operation, emergency escape slide safety drill, use of oxygen mask and life safety jacket and location of mega phone, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher as well as the role of airhostess in the cockpit can not be provided in the flying aircraft as they can observe only the serving airhostesses while being sitting on the passenger seats. Therefore training imparted at IABA will not only boost the confidence of the airhostess trainees but will also train them how to handle the passengers in real emergency situation.

Airbus A-300 so far has been a venue for airhostess training apart from various other activities. During last four years since its establishment in 2005, about 20,000 airhostess trainees have been trained in this airbus and benefited immensely.

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