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B. Sc. Aviation Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality is one of the most global sector which attracts large number of youngsters to choose it as one of the career options. As common wealth games are approaching in 2010, hotel industry is booming at a very fast pace that requires large number of skilled man power in hospitality sector. IABA aims to create professional with excellent communication skills, knowledge and personality that would fit well in the hospitality and service sector. Apart from food and beverages, housekeeping, services and human resource departments are the most needed sectors. In the changing and fast globalizing and modernizing India, large number of girls and boys from different sections of society are joining this sector as a career and getting benefited.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: - 17 - 24 years
Qualification: - 10+2 / Graduate
Girls: - 5.3" (minimum)
Boys: - 5.6" (minimum)

Selection Criteria

  • Admission on the basis of interview

  • The applicant should be physically fit with a pleasing personality and clear complexion.

General Rules and Regulations
  • If any student violates rules and regulations, a severe disciplinary action will be taken against student.

  • Regular attendance of classes is must for every student, if any student fails to attain a minimum of 85% attendance, he / she will not be allowed to appear in the monthly / final exam.

  • Student once discontinued from Institute on disciplinary ground, he / she will not be re - admitted.

  • Any damage to equipment or building or furniture of Institution by the student will be recovered from concerned student.

  • It is compulsory for the student to have a valid identity card while in the premises of the Institute.

  • Any change in rules and regulations at any stage during the course will be duly notified to the students and will be applicable to all students on roll.

  • Fees once paid in full or in a part for a course will under no circumstances be refunded for any reason, even if a student has not attended a single class. Students discontinuing in the middle of the course shall loose the fee and other charges and deposit etc.

  • All the students shall abide by rules & regulations of the Institute and shall have to give an undertaking to this affect.

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