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CertainTeed Corporation USA- A Saint Gobain Company has been manufacturing U-pvc sidings since 1969 and today, it accounts for 30% of new construction market and 95% of the re-siding application competing directly with Aluminium, Fibre Cement or Hard board sidings.

CertainTeed is acknowledged leader in vinyl siding/wall cladding products, setting the standards for the industry. CertainTeed Siding has been rated #1 Every year since 1997 in brand use by remodelers, builders and architects.

CertainShields offers two of the most chosen brands of vinyl sidings now to North India, namely-

  1. 1. Wolverine Encore
  2. 2. Cedar Impression

The U-pvc sidings have all major advantages of low maintenance and ease of installation benefits of Aluminium and none of the drawbacks.


  • Vinyl siding color goes through the panel, so scratches don’t show.
  • Vinyl siding is tough and resists denting from every day occurrences such as falling of branchjes ,hails etc.
  • Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold and does not “pop” with temperature changes.
  • Vinyl does not conduct electricity and does not require grounding.
  • Vinyl siding does not magnify the sound of rains or hails.
  • Vinyl siding will not pit, rust, peel , corrode or flake away.
  • CeratainTeed Rigid form technology i.e. rolled over nail hem stiffens the siding for a straighter on the wall appearance. I t also provides wind load performance of up to 160mph with nails and up to 180mph with staples.
  • CertainTeed Vinyl Siding show no distortion even at 120 degree F.
  • Vinyl incurs less damage on the job site, so there is less wastage.

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