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As businesses, government and nonprofit organizations realize the importance of performance management systems to direct their strategies more proactively, Elite Consultncy is willing to offer STRAT & GO , an IT - based performance management solution that combines historical and operational data with related systems. Certified by the creators of the balanced scorecard, Drs. Kaplan & Norton, STRAT&GO draws on its rich functionality and supports a variety of framework such as corporate strategy model, excellence model framework , cross-impact analysis, and cause & effect /strategy maps , among others.

STRAT&GO Business Planner facilitates corporate planning by streamlining all the activities involved in the process. It allows flexible representation of the corporate hierarchy and its planning structures in the process while offering users the freedom to define planning parameters (sales, contribution margin, price, etc.). Planning can be run simultaneously topdown, bottom-up, and can be compared with actual and planned budgeted data from previous periods. As in all STRAT&GO modules, an early warning system highlights the status and progress of the planning process. Top-down and bottom-up planning process at every business level

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